• Glue Gun Stick: the 40-50 second open bond of this hot glue stick ensures appropriate positioning. It helps reducing the time consumed in POP production, as it bonds almost instantly
  • Multiple Usage: the hot glue can be used for fitting adjustment on polyethylene, corrugated boxes, polypropylene, and wood. It can also be used on lightweight substrates of furniture and upholstery
  • User-Friendly: this melting glue has been qualitatively manufactured using 100% solids and thermoplastic resin. This glue stick is a low-volatile-organic-compound that does not produce much odor when heated
  • Melting Point: the low melt adhesive has comparatively lower melting point, ranging between 170 – 250 deg. F (76 – 121 deg. C) approximately. It can be used with low-temperature applicators like hot glue guns
  • Specifications: the melting glue stick weighs 1 lb. and measures 5/8 in. x 8 in. Use it with 3M Hot Melt Applicator LT, LT Quad rack or EC according to the version