• These premium coffee beans are specially processed to be Chlorogenic acid-free with full flavor. Choose from energizing French Roast Whole Beans or Ground Coffee, or comforting Decaf Whole Beans or Ground Coffee.
  • Alex's Acid-Free French Roast is a special blend of three highly sought-after beans (50% Chiapas, 25% Nicaragua, 25% Honduras) and is mild, delicate, and balanced. It is perfectly roasted to a medium-leaning dark, almost French, Roast. It is dark enough to have a full body and chocolatey personality, but there is no burnt or bitter taste. Instead, the flavors in these beans are still detectable, and that is a great thing!
  • Alex's Acid-Free Organic Decaf contains 100% pure Chiapas coffee beans. Grown in southern Mexico, near the border with Guatemala, Chiapas coffee beans have the same characteristics of Guatemalan beans that you would expect from the volcanic soil and high altitude they grow in. They are mild and delicate, with slightly sweet notes of brown sugar and pear. They also have a nutty overtone.
  • Alex’s Acid-Free Coffee offers the best of all possibilities. You can count on your energizing and comforting coffee without struggling with discomfort.