• PREPS: Our professional series abrasive nylon bristle cup brush does a fantastic job sanding, scuffing and blending surfaces. It can be used to clean, polish and prep metal, wood, aluminum and plastic surfaces.
  • TIME SAVING: 4" cup brush attaches to a pneumatic rotary tool and will speed up the sanding time on your next project while ensuring that your surface is properly prepared. Fits 5/8" arbor.
  • DURABLE: The Al's Liner nylon bristle cup brush lasts up to 10 times longer than a standard wire brush. Nylon brush does not clog or rust; maintains shape; will not spark when used on metal.
  • MULTI-USE: Ideal for a variety of uses including paint stripping, removing surface rust and corrosion, sprayable truck bed liner coating prep, deburring surfaces, cleaning unfinished tile, stone, cement and more.
  • TOUGH: Made with coarse 180 abrasive grit embedded into the nylon brush strands providing consistent cleaning, fast scuffing and rust removal. Maintains bristle integrity after extended use.