• POWERFUL PEST CONTROL: 3000-Volt powerful output to kill any flying insects simply with one touch, uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Don't worry about power consumption, two batteries can be used for up to 6 months, enough for a summer.
  • SAFETY FIRST: triple-layer safety mesh protects you from electric shock. This bug zapper has adopted a pure physical way to kill flying insects without any safety risk to you or the environment.
  • CONVENIENT & COMFORTABLE SIZE: 18" X 7", portable handy-sized design.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: take it with you barbecuing, fishing, or on a camping trip with your family.
  • SPORTY AND FUN: Amazing!! So much fun zapping mosquitoes! Swing mosquito swatter to kill insects and exercise your arms. Give your kids something exciting to do, inspire the little helper to be the family's pest controller. The sparking flash of light and popping sound as they explode fills one with immense satisfaction.