• 【444PCS】This Chemistry Molecular Model Kit contains 136 atom pieces made up of different elements;154 bonds:long flexible bonds (good for double and triple bonds),medium-length hard bonds,short-bonds (used for scale model single bond),overlength bonds,V-bonds (for space-filling models);3 electronic cloud slice;1 complete fullerene model (60 carbon atom+90 bond);1 removing tool for easy to separate atoms from the links.With this set,it is easy to build models for organic and inorganic chemistry
  • 【Non-Toxic Material】All materials of our 444PCS Organic Chemistry Model Kit are eco-friendly.Polypropylene atoms (pp plastic) feel smooth,no scraps or cutting edges from the holes;Low-Density Polyethylene links (LDPE plastic) are easy to remove and put on.The atom parts and links are color coded to national standards for ease of identification and come with an Instructional Guide to easily identify all atoms and connectors.Delivered in a sturdy plastic box for easy storage and portability!
  • 【Fullerene Models】What makes Our 444PCS Chemistry Model Kit unique is that this Model Kit has a complete fullerene model made up of 60 carbon atoms and 90 bonds.Fullerene is the third isomorphic body found in elemental carbon.The structure of fullerene is similar to the representative work of architect Fuller,so it is called fullerene.This is a great set to be put high school,university chemistry in most of the organic or inorganic molecular structure model for the study of experimental operatio
  • 【Making Chemistry Fun】This educational molecule modeling kit is designed for easy chemistry learning for organic,inorganic,o chem and functional groups.The color coded bonds and atoms help visually demonstrate the geometry and structure of compounds & other bond types,let intangible chemical molecules atomic shape transform into tangible,help teachers and parents to cultivate children's interest in chemistry,makes learning chemical 3D molecule or atomic structures fun and interactive
  • 【Best Parent-Child Interaction】There is no doubt that maternal-child interaction plays a very important role in child development.It is a good interaction for parents and children.Parents show their kids how to build 3D molecule to explore chemistry and physics concepts,kids teach their family the magic of chemistry and share the education experience.The Molecular model kit is designed for all ages:students from grade 7 to the University Graduate Level,STEM teachers,parents