• High Efficiency - With a maximum paper feed of 34.3″ (870 mm), this highly efficient cutter and plotter still ensures a cutting precision of ±0.0004″ (±0.01 mm). It can handle jobs up to 2′6″ (780 mm) wide and 9′10″ (3 m) long.
  • Versatile and Durable - This flexible machine has 3 pinch rollers fully adjustable in speed and pressure. Its vinyl feed is also handled by a superior ball-bearing dual roller system.
  • Control Panel with LCD Display - The LCD display and control panel keep you in total control of your work. The motherboard is equipped with dual CPU control and the proprietary control chip works with programs using DMPL or HP-GL.
  • Well-Designed Details - This helpful machine has 3 adjustable double-spring pinch rollers whose high-precision feed wheels prevent deviation in your paper feed. The built-in ruler allows intuitive and accurate operation, while the machine's castor wheels permit convenient movement around your workspace.
  • Flexible Inputs - This plotter/cutter is equipped with a USB 2.0 port and a 9-pin serial port, allowing you to use whichever best fits your equipment.