• Meitola Soft Absorbent Material Traps Spills: The Premium Gas Grill Mat traps and contains the mess,this mat is designed to protect your expensive decking, patio and other outdoor surfaces from costly oil and grease splatters or food stains. long-lasting grill pad material is made out of a polyester fiber and is able to withstand any BBQ mess.
  • Non-slip waterproof backing: The non-slip backing holds the grill pad in place to prevent it from moving. The waterproof layer captures any spillage in the grill mix and prevents any liquid or grease from penetrating and protecting the floor from damage.
  • Will not ignite: When the burning charcoal falls onto the grill mat, the grill mat will not burn to avoid a fire.
  • Surface Protection: Not only can you protect your expensive deck, but you can also protect your garden terrace or other home floors from liquid annoyance. It can also be used on the garage floor. Our cushions are made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: When ready to clean, simply rinse with soap and water or a garden hose.