• ❤SAFETY & GENTLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS❤: Our hair removal mask uses natural safe plant ingredients. Infused with aloe vera, seaweed extract, and centella asiatica extract can avoid redness and inflammation, help nourish and moisturize the skin deeply.
  • ❤PAINLESS & EFFECTIVE❤: This depilatory mask can quickly absorbs deep in the skin and loosens the hair follicles, so that the hair can fall out easily without using extreme tension. You will not feel any discomfort or pain. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • ❤DEEP CLEANSING & EXFOLIATES SKIN❤: It’s not only a hair removal cream, but also a mud mask. The kaolin clay in the mask helps in cleansing and exfolisating the skin to remove excess oil, dirt and impurities, improving skin tone and showing a perfect skin texture.
  • ❤MOISTURIZES & NOURISHES SKIN❤: Contains with avocado extract and aloe vera extract, our hair removal clay mask can strengthen the skin's moisturizing barrier, replenish moisture to the skin, leaving the skin smooth, firm and moisturized.
  • ❤REDUCE HAIR REGROWTH❤: Unlike waxing and shaving, the effects of using this hair removal mud mask can last a few days longer. It keeps hair growth at bay and maintains it to a minimum for users to enjoy smooth and soft hairless skin for a longer time.