• 100% NON-STICK - Premium food-grade PTFE Fiberglass coating, ensured a pleasant non-stick cooking experience up to 500℉ without any hazardous chemical material.
  • BE CREATIVE - Everyone could be a genius chef. The mats can be re-sized to any form to fit your cooking need, and the 0.2mm thickness can ensure the foods are evenly heated. Free up your ideas!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Simply pop the used mats into the dish washer or clean with warm water without any brush.
  • ABESOLUTE REUSABLE - Each mat can be used up to 600 times. You might have changed your dishes or grill already, but not your HEADMALL grill mat yet.
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE - We go out of our way to ensure our mats are designed and built to be just what you need. Meanwhile, you will get a 30-day fast refund service with extended 24-months warranty.