• Polypropylene (poly) roll available in machine (for use with semi-automatic machines) and hand grade (for use with manual strapping tools and battery-powered strapping tools) and is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.
  • 1/2'' wide x 9000' hand grade polypropylene roll perfect for manual and battery strapping tools
  • Polypropylene strapping is the most economical strapping material available and provides 350 lbs break strength.
  • Lightweight poly strapping can be used for a variety of applications of practically any size and shape. It is perfect for bundling newspapers, corrugated boxes, pipes, and all bulky but light items.
  • Very flexible packing straps can wrap odd-shaped or irregular shapes.
  • For best results, use IDL Packaging banding tools with Polypropylene Strapping, such as: A tensioner, sealer and strapping seals or a 3-in-1 combination tools like MUL-341 which can perform all operations. Use the best tools for secure strapping of valuable products.