• Kill Mosquitoes Instantly: Comparing to traditional swatter, Lulu Home electric mosquito swatter is more efficient which can kill mosquitoes immediatel. It can kill mosquitoes, biting flies, small spiders, wasps and other small insects
  • Safe And Harmless: Still using pesticide? Throw it away and kill the mosquitoes in a safer way with Lulu Home bug zapper racket. 3-layers mesh protects you from danger of electric shock risk
  • Easy To Use: Hold on the button on the handle, aim at the mosquito you want to kill and swing the racket, then the mosquito dies.
  • Battery Operated: 2 AA batteries are needed for power(not included). Lulu Home electric mosquito swatter works as soon as it is equipped with batteries without waiting time for power charge.
  • Portable Size: Sized 7.1”x18.1”. It is great ideal to bring it with you during picnic, barbecuing, fishing or camping. With Lulu Home electric bug racket, there is no worry for bug bother when you’re outside.