• DURABLE HIGH QUALITY SET: Whether you are buying a present for a birthday the holidays or any other special occasion, for a curious little girl or boy, this set is made to grow with them starting from a perfect 3,4 or 5-year-old boy gift, this set offers endless role playing opportunities for years to come
  • YOUR FULL SET: This must have 12 piece set Includes. Real functioning durable Slim wallet and money clip, Fake Money, Pretend Kids Smartphone (non electronic) Silicone band Smartwatch (non electronic) UV Protection Sunglasses, Imitation Key FOB and keys, "Drivers License", Credit card, Library Card, Gift Card, Museum Membership card
  • HOURS OF IMAGINATIVE PLAY: From Curious Exploration " serious business", this entrepreneurial toy is fun at home and on the go, for independent or social play Boost his/her Confidence, Creativity with hours of fun
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: This ASTM and CPSIA Compliant and CPSC certificated set with a Real Slim Wallet and money Clip, Fake Money , Pretend Smartwatch and Phone along with other essential credit cards and more is exactly what she/he wants. Will you be the one to get it for him/her?!
  • MONTESSORI TOY: Hold, Touch, Feel the different textures, experience the various sensations with this life skill activities toy