• Valuable Pack Pet Hair & Lint Remover: Comes in 6 roller refills and 3 lint roller handles. Total of 600 sheets. Each refill contains 100 Extra Sticky sheets.
  • Easy Peel Off: Thanks to Metkix Lint Rollers for pet hair, extra sticky design, and easily removable sheet, you will save time and energy in cleaning your furniture, couch, clothes, and replacing the sheet.
  • Refillable & Reusable: Pets never stop shedding, should always clean lint, dust, dirt. High-quality Metkix Lint Roller is still ready for cleaning, with refillable rolls and a reusable handle.
  • Upgraded Handle: Designed to prevent refill from falling out. The handle fits perfectly in your palm and never slips with its dotted design. You can easily change the refill with the clamp on the top.
  • Metkix Lint Roller For Pet Hair Is Your Perfect Assistant in home, car, and office. Use it to either pick up any shards or dirt from spaces that a vacuum cleaner can never reach. It is extremely easy and effective for all surfaces; clothes, furniture, sofa, carpet, bed sheets, curtains, hardwood floors, etc.