• 【 Design Flexible】3 inch (75 mm) 1/4" nylon cup brush set includes three grit sizes, red (80 grit) and gray (120 grit) are suitable for large-area quick rough grinding; blue (240 grit) Suitable for finer surface treatment. Different grit of these abrasive brush to meet different grinding requirements.
  • 【STABILITY AND SAFETY 】 Mixiflor 3 Inch nylon cup brush for drill are made of nylon composite grinding sand, service life is 10 times. At the same time, the nylon thread can avoid piercing the skin during installation and use.
  • 【Widely Used】 Nylon Cup Brushes with 1/4 inch shank fit most drill, Can withstand an ultra-wide speed of 4500 RMP.
  • 【Application scenario】Nylon drill brush can be used anywhere you can imagine.Example:metal,wood,plastic, aluminum,stone and other wet or dry applications are safe and easy to remove rust, paint and clean.
  • 【Package includes】2 Pcs Cup brush red-80 grit,2 Pcs Cup brush gray-120 grit,2 Pcs brush blue-240 grit