• DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This extra-large chicken coop is made of solid fir wood and painted with secured paint. It features a waterproof roof made of anti-UV material for enhanced weather protection. The strong, long-lasting construction promotes the health and well-being of your animals.
  • SPACIOUS DESIGN: Measures 136.75"Lx59"Wx56"H.Give your chickens the poultry penthouse they deserve. The spacious design features an elevated coop with two triple occupancy nesting boxes, as well as an extra large attached run. This coop is suitable for at least 6 chickens, depending on size and breed.
  • EASY ACCESS AND SECURITY: The hen house is easily accessible via ramp, so your chickens can come and go as they please throughout the day. The lockable doors and sturdy wire mesh keep your hens secure at night and from predators.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: A built in slide out tray to collect droppings and waste make this coop easy to clean. Two sliding windows on the sides of the coop facilitate air flow in the interior. A back door gives you easy access to the inside of the coop for deep cleaning and maintenance.
  • DUAL NESTING BOXES: Two nesting boxes on either side of the coop provide ample space for your hens to lay their daily eggs. Each nesting box houses three nesting spaces, so you can house up to 6 chickens at a time in this coop.