• ✅ THERMALS: Cold weather clothing perfect as an indoor long john pajama or an outdoor insulated base layer. Extra lightweight clothing to warm your little man!
  • ✅ TWO PIECE SET: Matching bottoms and longsleeve shirts lined with wicking microfiber. These amazing undergarments can be worn alone or as a lining to your children's favorite outfits. Or just use the top or bottom! Easy wash sets are made with a mix of polyester and spandex . Your boy's comfort is also a big fashion statement with modern style!
  • ✅ SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: Well made and quality long johns apparel with ultra soft polyester stretch fabric. No itchy wool or cotton that retains moisture and wears down quickly. Each stitch is made with premium thread and elastic that can handle your growing kid's play. Best for winter snow clothes or pajamas.
  • ✅ BASELAYER : Add layers of warmth to your child's outfit. Replace undershirts with warmer fleecewear longjohns. No need to purchase special flannel and sweatpants--start with a warm inner base and your child can wear their favorite tops and bottoms.
  • ✅ VERSATILE: Just a few cool and unique ideas: a warm and comfy Halloween costume, matching Christmas jammies, overnight camping, fishing and hiking for scouts, underwear for an athletic sports uniform - baseball, football, hockey, soccer, golf, skating or skiing! The list goes on!