• THE BEST WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR FREEZER, FRIDGE AND PANTRY INVENTORY is now available! Discover how this dry erase white board set can change your life forever! By using the inventory tracking magnetic board and the inventory peel and stick sheet for tracking items in your freezer, fridge and/or pantry, you won’t have to worry about forgetting the leftover meals or frozen dinners, nor do you have to guess what might be in the back of the pantry.
  • SAVE MONEY BY REDUCING FOOD WASTE AND SPEND LESS TIME GROCERY SHOPPING – With this inventory checklist set, you can effortlessly organize your grocery list and know what you need to buy while avoiding buying the same item twice. This is also a perfect tool to help you with meal planning. Consuming what you already have is a great way to eliminate food waste. Meanwhile you can save money by organizing and utilizing all your food items.
  • FOR ALL INVENTORY TRACKING NEEDS - This beautifully designed inventory list comes with sections where you can fill out the items that are available while keeping tabs of quantity and expiration dates. In the notes section you can write the things that you need to remember about the item or need to communicate with the family. Its useful gridded surface makes it easy for you to categorize your inventory plus it gives you lots of space to write the items you have on hand.
  • STRONG HOLD AND LAMINATED PROTECTION – The magnetic board will not easily fall off a metal surface. It is backed with a strong magnetic sheet that will keep it stuck on your freezer and/or fridge. The self stick sheet can be placed on a smooth flat surface such as glass, kitchen cabinet doors, fridges, freezers and is removable multiple times. Both have a lamination film and will not get stained and scratched. No ghosting, bubbling or peeling and easy to clean!
  • UNIQUE BUNDLE: – This all-in-one set offers a unique blend of products that is useful and complete! We also included 1 self adhesive pen holder clip for your convenience. On top of that we ship flat in a beautiful designed gift box.