• 【Clinical high precision (±0.05/0.09℉)】Accurately measure the BBT for calculating the ovulation cycle; Precise to 2 decimal places, the thermometer can also be used to measure fever. In order to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement, you need to place the thermometer in the hot socket under the tongue to measure the temperature for about 90 seconds
  • 【 Waterproof flexible probe & ℉/℃ Switchable】 Soft temperature measurement probe makes temperature measurement more comfortable,; Waterproof probe is hygienic and easy to clean; Large LCD screen displays easy readings ,(In Shutdown Mode) You can freely switch between ℃ /℉ by long pressing the buttonon for 3 seconds .
  • 【Low power consumption & soft beep】 The battery can support up to one year if you take measurement once a day, and there will be a soft end beep when the temperature measurement is completed.The Product Is Non-Bluetooth And You Need To Manually Enter Data In The Shecare App , The Screen Displays ‘LO’, Means The Temperature Is Below 89.6 ℉ / 32 ℃ ,Not The Battery Low .
  • 【Manually input data&automatically draw body temperature chart 】Use Shecare App to record your basal body temperature (you need to manually input body temperature data into Shecare App) Shecare App will automatically draw BBT chart to accurately calculate your ovulation period .
  • 【Attentive quality service】we provide with one-year free warranty from the beginning of your purchase. I believe you will like our products, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.