• [Upgraded Spray Mop Replacement Pads] - To Achieve a better performance of cleaning effect, we applied top grade high quality microfiber material, unlike normal microfiber material, we make it enhanced the friction between pads and floor in order to reach more efficiency cleaning without damage the floor. Easily removing any hard cleaning stains, oil, hair and footprints, moreover, this spray floor mop can be used in all laminate, hardwood, tile, stone, ceramic, tile floors
  • [Improvement on the Kitchen Mop] - The connection of spray floor mop adopts specific craftsmanship for leakage problem, improved the problem of leakage from many wet jet mops. There is a durable fine nozzle and air-exchange device to be fixed at spray base for better sealing. More important, Every Domi-patrol floor cleaning spray mops were inspected strictly on leakage situation and spray effect by quality control team before shipping
  • [360°Rotation Wide Mop Head] - The hardwood floor mop head can rotate 360 degree, which allows microfiber mop to reach any crevices and deep corner with ease such as under the sofa, bed and other furniture. Flexible swiveling design makes the refillable spray mop easy to control. Moreover, the wide 360 degree cleaning mop head covers more area of the floor and saves half of time than traditional mops, and then you have more time to enjoy your life
  • [635ml Capacity Water Tank] - Our Microfiber spray mop have a large water bottle, so you can easily clean 200㎡ room without refilling the bottle couple times. The bottle should not be too small cause repeated refilling, nor too large to make the mop bulky after filling. The perfect 635ml bottle! Furthermore this floor mop spray can be used as dry mop and wet mop. For dry mop, it can be used to attract dirt, hair and crumbs, while for wet mop, it can make your floor sparkle and absorb extra water
  • [Humanized Floor Mop with Sprayer] - Simply squeeze the trigger of laminate floor mops to spray water or other cleaning solution. This heavy duty microfiber mop is easy to maneuver, you can easily control the amount of water by squeezing the responsive trigger, cutting down unnecessary waste and expense. Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy rod is sturdy and convenient. Ergonomic handgrip and extended rod, allows you clean the floor without bend over or crouch