• ★ BETTER TO UNDERSTAND ---This molecular model is very useful for both the teacher and the student. This molecular model kit will help teachers and parents to cultivate children's interest in chemistry. Let intangible chemical molecules atomic shape transform into tangible , better to understand. kinds will find it helpful in studying molecular geometry. A great hands-on way to learn!
  • ★ POWERFUL FUNCTIONS --- This Molecular Model Kit has a total of 115 pieces including short link remover tool. Super easy to build models for organic and inorganic chemistry, This model contains C, H, O, N, P, S, and other metals and a variety of single and double bonds, Can be put high school, university chemi stry in most of the organic or inorganic molecular structure model for the study of experimental operation.
  • ★ QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY OF COMPLEX STRUCTURES --- Atoms and bonds that are perfectly suited to being connected and disconnected easily without making your fingers hurt. We've also included a link remover to make the task of easy.
  • ★ NON-HAZARDOUS MATERIAL --- All models of the factory are made of food grade green plastic, new plastic, atomic ball (PP plastic), link key (LDPE plastic), box (ABS plastic).
  • ★ CONVENIENT STORAGE --- The pieces come in a slim plastic box for convenient storage. See the pictures on this listing for a full understanding of what's inside!