• ♥ UNBOX HAPPINESS: UnBoxMe takes gift-giving to the next level, with curated gift boxes for every occasion. Every item is selected with thought and care, and each box is hand-packed with attention and love. *PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: Any gift purchased via Amazon will arrive with a BLANK greeting card. Your gift message will be printed on a separate slip included with the order.*
  • ♥ ORGANIC WHITE LEMON GINGER TEA: Lemon Peel and Ginger Root come together for the perfect melody of healing and antioxidant properties. Crafted with only Fairly Traded ingredients , this soothing and refreshing tea is the perfect cup of love.
  • ♥ RAW HONEY STICKS: Honey is packed full of immune boosting qualities, and is perfect for soothing a sore throat. This makes a great complement to a hot beverage or eaten alone. Each stick is hand filled with 100% pure raw honey.
  • ♥ HAND-POURED SOY SCENTED CANDLE: Help soothe the mind and body with this hand-poured Sea Salt + Eucalyptus scented candle.
  • ♥ FUZZY SOCKS + MINI SUCCULENT: What better way to stay warm and cozy than with some deliciously soft fuzzy socks? We added a mini faux succulent for an extra touch of love.