• [ Design Upgrade ]174×148mm large area carving, 20W powerful laser module, 0.01mm high-precision and clearer engraving, off-line touch screen operation, simple and easy to learn; New aluminum alloy guide rails and non-slip foot pads make engraving more stable.
  • [ Safety and Thoughtful ] When the engraving machine is working , the laser will stop immediately if the data is abnormal to enhance the safety; it comes with an infrared auxiliary positioning device, which is convenient for focusing ; it is highly integrated and can be assembled in a few simple steps ; T-shaped patent design, lightweight and stylish.
  • [ Widely Used ]Can carve wood, paper, leather, bamboo, bones, teeth, acrylic, etc. It can also be the material of baking varnish, stainless steel anodizing, dark electroplating, electrophoretic paint, etc. (Transparent or reflective materials need to be painted black). Can cut paper/wood/leather/non-woven fabric within 2.5mm, transparent plastic sheet/cake card flash paper within 1mm.
  • [ Operating System] Wifi connection, can be easily connected with phones and laptop and then engrave with self-developed app. Support Windows-7/8/10/Vista/XP ; Temporarily not supported: Unix, Linux; Support image format : JPG/JPEG/BMP/PNG.