• ✅High Intensity Strobe Light Beam: Rated ≥ 8 hours with tested run time up to 20+ hours, this exceptionally intense survival beacon with a luminosity of .75CD meets USCG, MED and SOLAS requirements and is regarded as essential kit for both commercial and pleasure boaters alike.
  • ✅Water Activated: This device works in either salt or fresh water and can easily be deactivated with a push of the red button. While it is designed to function automatically, in a man overboard situation, the switch allows for signal usage optimization for emergency locator, should a rescue opportunity arrises. More tips for boaters are contained in the description below.
  • ✅Positively Buoyant: Compact and smaller in size than many other approved lights, the smooth sided housing features a vest clip and nylon rope lanyard, large enough to easy secure it around the neck while maintaining the water tight integrity of the inflatable life vest by not presenting a puncture hazard.
  • ✅Product Specifications: This light can easily be retrofitted to existing life jackets and exponentially increases visibility of a standard international orange floatation devices. Deckhands are only limited by their imaginations for the myriad of uses and applications this water activated auto light can have onboard any vessel. Meets the following specifications: SOLAS 74/96, MSC 207(81) MSC 81(70), LSA, MSC 218(82), MSC226 (82), MSC323 (89).
  • ✅Absolutely, Indispensably for Night Signaling: This is not something you need…until you need it. The days of signal flares are long gone. While the light is visible during the day as a strobe, at night this light is a huge asset and at this price, there is every reason to be prepared for the unexpected.